As a consequence of the serious climatic and health emergency that the planet suffers, Cabo de Gata is now a particularly sensitive space, in its depths the largest meadows of Posidonia Oceanica of the Mediterranean are located, fundamental for the oxygenation of the air we breathe.

 Cabo de Gata is now a particularly sensitive space.


Pueblos Cabo de Gata
Cabo de Gata Natural Park is demarcated between the municipalities of Almería, Carboneras and Níjar.


Qué ver en Cabo de Gata
This natural park is one of the protected areas of greatest interest throughout the Mediterranean.

Beaches & Coves

playas en cabo de Gata
Visiting the beachesis one of the best activities to do.

Interesting visits

Visitas de interes en Cabo de Gata
We can enjoy visits to the watchtowers like the Lighthouse of Cabo de Gata, like Los Lobos Tower

Dive and Scuba Dive

Diving Cabo de Gata
The Cabo de Gata is a fascinating place for diving or scuba diving and discover an immensely beautiful hidden world: Its marine escosystem


kayak in cabo de Gata
The nautical sport of paddling with kayak or SUP for the incredible landscapes of Cabo de Gata also becomes a wonderful nautical adventure.


Houses And Apartments cabo de Gata
The best option to spend a long season and get to know the Cabo de Gata Natural Park is to stay in a rental house, apartment or farmhouse.


Hotels Cabo de Gata
The most comfortable form of accommodation is possibly with some of the proposals offered by the Hotels and Hostels that are along its coastline.


cabo de Gata Rural lodge
Nature lovers
may find IN a rural accommodation the best way to enjoy their stay in Cabo de Gata, in an idyllic and cozy environment.


Campsites Cabo de Gata
Due to its exceptional climate, overnight in a campsite in Cabo de Gata can be an exceptional option, well adapted for camper and Camper and some with Bungalows

We suggest you some videos ei Cabo de Gata.

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